Saturday, April 18, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, friends! I made a decision to start spending less time being technological and more time chilling out with my Liller and life has been delightful ever since!

OK, I'm sure some of that delightfulness may have something to do with the fact that Lilly has become a woman of many smiles-- and by many I mean perhaps 100 a day?!?! I told someone she smiled 50 times a day and then started to count the other day and realized she was at 50 by lunchtime! The girl is a cheesin' machine and I!

Not only is she smiling like crazy, but she's also laughing up a storm! No belly laughs yet, but when I get my tickle fingers out she totally knows what's coming and opens her mouth real wide, smiles, flinches her eyes and curls her hands into her chin until the tickle fingers get there and she laughs like "huhhhhh... huhhhhh... huhhhh." LOL, she's too much.

And then there's the talking, but that deserves its very own post. For now, I'll just tell you that she is a chatter box and a half. Matt just laughs and takes deep breaths when he thinks about all of the questions and endless talkingtalkingtalking we may have in store for us!

My mom is visiting, which is another reason I haven't been on much. She picked Lil up from school on Wednesday afternoon and they spent the rest of the day hanging out, just the girls (and Midas). They did the same on Thursday and then I had Friday off, so while Grandma took over the role of Tickle Fingers, Mommy hopped on the computer and booked a week's vacation to Jamaica! HOT DOG! We're going back to the same resort we visited a couple years ago, but this time we'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary. Woahhhh!

Today while Daddy went golfing, we drove to Athens to the Farmer's Market, which is one of the best I've ever been to. They have the coolest ethnic baked goods, unusual flowers, locally made salsas, free range eggs, organic dog treats and even moose heads. Yes, moose heads. I don't know. Lilly had a great time letting her toesies wiggle in the wind. She fit right in with the other barefoot people milling around:) She had a little less body hair though. It's a gorgeous day and the skies are bright blue. Once she wakes up fills her belly, I do believe another walk is in order!

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