Sunday, November 22, 2009


Lots of pictures to share!

Last weekend, my sister-in-law and nephew drove 6 hours to visit. Owen and Lilly are birthday twin cuzzies. Owen is a walking man, so it was fun to see what we have to look forward to, plus he is SOOOO cute! When he smiles, every inch of his face smiles. My mom also came down so she was able to spend time with both of her grandchildren at the same time! We all live far apart, so that's not easy. We took the kids to Cosi and met my brother for the afternoon. We also had their pictures taken together by Lori. And Suzanne and I got to go shopping and out to lunch ALONE!!!

All packed up and ready to go! Lilly's not so sure about her backseat companion.

Uncle Mike-Mo came!

Lilly's drivin' the helicopter. Uncle Mike looks scared.

Grandma showed up with cars for the kiddos. What a cool Grandma!

"And then she was like 'no way' and then he was all 'way'."

Move over little lady, cars are for men.

Let us out of here!!

It's probably best that we didn't have twins:)


Trisha R Jackson said...

DUDE! We were totally at COSI on Sunday evening!

Ellie said...

I think that Lily is the smiliest (if that's even a word!) baby I "know"!