Thursday, November 5, 2009


Breathing treatments are going great! Contrary to what we were told about the steroids making her jittery and wired, Lilly gets super snuggly and relaxed during and after her treatments.

Did you hear that? SNUGGLY! My daughter, the anti-snuggler, cuddles up to her mama and hangs out in my lap with no struggle for the 10 or so minutes it takes for the meds to vaporize.

When she's done I let her play with the mask and I make it talk to her. Tonight she put the mask up to my face:)

Her babysitter has asthma and told me that when she does a breathing treatment after a particularly tough struggle with breathing, she becomes relaxed and calm because it is so much easier to breathe. I had no idea Lilly was having such a hard time.

I'm thankful the medicine is working (I only heard a couple coughs all night!) and for the snuggle time these treatments are giving me. A couple nights ago I thought this would be a dreadful experience-- instead I look forward to our time together.

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Trisha R Jackson said...

I'm so jealous for snuggles!! Delaney is NOT a snuggler either. Makes me sad.