Saturday, November 21, 2009


Last night Matt and I had the privalege of spending the night at an indoor waterpark about an hour away. His mom and dad wanted to spend a little time with Lilly and I really think they have more fun with her when I'm not around making "suggestions" or stealing their time!

The water park is definitely more for kids and families, but it does have some pretty high water slides that scared even the mightiest of men (cough, cough, Matt). I am terrified of water slides, especially the enclosed ones and ESPECIALLY the the DARK, enclosed ones. But I figured I could float along the lazy river all evening if anything.

The hotel is very nice and, truth be told, I could have slept in the parking lot in my car if it meant waking up on my own terms!

We had SO much fun. We played like little kids (creepy, pale little kids who had to huff and puff up the steps to the big water slides while the REAL little kids scurried past like it was nothing). We climbed the nets, stood in the sprayers, got water up our noses, pushed each other into the cold water spouts... and then plopped ourselves in the adults-only hot tub when we needed a break from real kiddos.

After warming up on the little water slides (they were so little that I had to ask if we were allowed on them! Lucky for us, the place was pretty empty, and once it got more crowded I left that for the kids.) we headed to the big slides. I could not stop laughing going down the first one. I felt like Lilly in a giggling fit. After the first, I loved it.

I will confess though, the biggest slide requires a tube, so Matt and I went together on a double tube. It was SO scary that about half way down I came very close to saying a very bad word! Thankfully my "holy" was followed by a "moly". Those tubes tend to... echo.

I slept in until 8, took a long shower without playing peek-a-boo from behind the curtain or singing "My Lilly lies over the ocean, My Lilly lies over the sea" louder and louder and LOUDER each time, and without having to worry if my daughter finally discovered the toilet bowl brush that I've been meaning to put away for the last month.

It was splendid! We planned to stop for breakfast at IHOP on our way home, but a migraine got the best of me and after putting our name on the waiting list, all I wanted to do was pick up some Excedrin and head home.

Lilly was waiting for us in the living room, dressed in a pink Buckeyes sweatsuit when we got home. She had the biggest smile and waved to us, as if to say "Hey, come on in guys!" I can't believe she is days away from turning one year old.

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LeAnna said...

That sounded like a blast! I'm so ready for the day I can leave my little guy with his Grammie and Gramps and go somewhere. He's just about weaned himself, so hopefully soon. :) Been reading your blog since around the time you first found out you were pregnant, and I can hardly believe your Lilly will be one so soon! Or the fact that my boy is only a month after. AH! Where does time go...