Saturday, August 8, 2009


Lilly's special Aunt Katie sent her a package yesterday! Even though she was fighting through a nasty stomach bug, she had lots of fun tearing into the package and playing with the adorable contents. Aunt Katie sure is loved in our house:)

Are those not the most scrumptious roly poly arms you've ever seen or what???

And if you feel so inclined to support Katie as she and her hubby participate in Race for the Family, go here to do so. You can also make a $25 donation and win her a free IVF cycle! How cool would that be?

I've told you this before on my blog, but just for kicks and because we love Katie in our house (have I mentioned we love Katie?) you should know that she is one amazing woman with a superb talent for knitting adorable hats, socks, blankets and the like for babies and mommies who haven't had the easiest ride. Remember the adorable sweet pea hat? All Katie!


Katie Cupcake said...

Have I mentioned that I love Lilly and her mom! You are sweet and sugar. Thank you for all your support :) XOXO. Give Miss Lilly some kisses from me :)

Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

OMG! The blonde hair! LOOK AT ALL OF IT! She looks exactly like you, mama -- and she is lovely! :)