Sunday, August 23, 2009


Guess what I discovered last night?


They've all come in pairs, so even though I didn't see the match poking through yet, I'm certain it's right around the corner. This will make #7 and #8! I think it's true what they say about the first couple teeth being the worst and then babies kind of get used to the pain because she's been acting perfectly fine. I think I recall a day where she had a red cheek and her nose has been runny, but I think she had a cold, so who knows?!

And since my video files are always too large to upload, here are some action shots of Lilly's attempts at crawling. She eventually got stuck under the chair and Daddy had to rescue her, bringing the fun to a screeching (and I do mean screeching) hault!


Anonymous said...

She is getting SO much hair!

Bryna said...

I *heart* love the baby wrists that have the look of cubby adorableness. Waaay cute!!!

Rebekah said...

Does she only go backwards so far? Amelia has yet to figure out forward motion and it frustrates her to no end to end up farther away rather than closer to her goal.