Sunday, November 23, 2008

11.23.08 part 2

A few weeks ago I attended a training for American Christian Schools Int'l and learned some really motivating and inspiring tidbits. The presenter told us to search YouTube for a video of an infant boy playing with wrapping paper and giggling with sheer delight. I just did a search and it turns out lots of babies get a kick out of playing with wrapping paper. I don't know that I ever found the one she was talking about, but I did find this one and found myself crying after a few laughs. Watch the video and then I'll tell you why at the end.

Did you notice the pure, fully engaged love that mother has for her little boy? She couldn't care any less about the gift she just unwrapped-- she is so moved and delighted by the sound of her baby's laughter that she could go on all day. How powerful it must be to reach that point in your life when the sound of your child's happiness outweighs any beautifully wrapped, probably carefully selected, and possibly long-saved-for gift that poor ol' dad spent hours pining over. Yet even Dad laughs with delight from behind the camera. Because that's what parents do. I simply cannot wait:) (No, I can wait. I am willing to wait exactly 2 weeks. But after that I can't wait!!)

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Justin and Natalie said...

That is hilarious. And so sweet!