Tuesday, November 18, 2008


And that's a wrap!

No Outer Banks, no more work until 36 weeks. Thankfully this is a modified bedrest, so I do not have to chain myself to the bed 23 hours a day.

Still 2cm dilated, but now 60% effaced.

Netflix and I are becoming good friends, especially the Instant Movies I can watch online.

Lisa and HH (Hot Hubby, David) are giving us MUCH to be thankful for this year as they will be driving here to spend Thanksgiving with us. Lisa and I are playing Betty and Half-Betty Crocker. So like, Betty and a half:)

I really miss Matt. I'm so ready for him to come home. This house is just too quiet without him... especially 24 hours a day!

I never went grocery shopping last weekend, so we're quickly running out of meal-worthy foods. I had 2 Toaster Strudels and an orange for dinner.

My dog is getting frustrated with me. To him, if I'm home then surely I must want to play! All day! Instead, I keep stuffing him with dog treats and raw hides to keep him occupied.


Lynda said...

i love obx but..............i love a healthy mom and baby more!
enjoy your friends visit for t'giving!

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

Oh man, that stinks!! But Beansie does need you to rest now so that she can keep cooking!

So does this cut into your FMLA and time off from work for when she arrives?

Kristi said...

Whatever it takes to keep Momma & Little Beansie healthy!! Put your feet up and try to relax...you deserve it!