Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday-- I'll have 2 days to put my feet up and relax, guilt free. And my Momma is coming for the weekend:) In light of this week's events, we have a few things to get taken care of just in case LB either A) makes an early appearance or B) requires Mom to lay flat on her back several hours a day, making to-do lists a thing of the past.

This weekend's To-Do list:

Wash baby clothes. And there are a lot of them! (OK, I'll really be folding from the comfort of the couch.)

Wash all bedding. (Again, folding.)

Watch and take annoying pictures of Matt installing carseat. (I'm going to be driving around with a carseat in my car soon!)

Watch Sex and the City and Charlotte's Web (I may have the most bizarre Netflix queue ever.)

Watch Matt shampoo our carpet. (So I can point out all the missed spots like a nagging old pregnant ball and chain)

Finish packing hospital bag now that I actually have the necessary ingredients. (I tried yesterday and came up empty handed after chapstick, socks and calming CDs.)

Attempt church if I can manage without nearly passing out again. Seriously, turn the heat down, it's only November. (And I'm pregnant.)

Hopefully I'll still be with child by the end of all my observing, nagging and delegating:) It's a tough job!

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Baby and Me said...

I will be right there in the laundry room with you this weekend! I have to get some of her stuff washing and put away too!