Friday, November 21, 2008


I really do wonder how many of my little one's "characteristics" will still hold true once she is born. Clearly, she's headstrong (literally) and maybe even determined, although she does have gravity playing a large role in her latest stunts, so I'll cut her a small break.

But I wonder about little things like in the mornings lately she'll start hiccupping around 5:45/6:00 and will not stop until I get a little something in my stomach. Most mornings I try to sleep through it, but I'm learning that 20 minutes will easily pass by and to her, hiccupping ain't no thang. She could go on forever, so I might as well get up and "feed" her. Is this a hint of what to expect in the coming weeks?

Also, when I lay on my back (yes, I lay on my back-- it's more like a pit stop en route to rolling over from side to side, as this takes A LOT of effort and sometimes I need a little break... that lasts 20 minutes) many times she'll start to wiggle and make it known that she is not comfortable. Once I roll to my side, she's happy again. Since her bottom is under my left rib and her feet are under my right rib, that means she's on her right side when I lay on my back. Perhaps she is not a right (or any) side sleeper?! Then again, maybe she just can't breathe. Either way, she lets me know.

She still gives Dad one nice kick each night, although her kicks have become more like sticking her bottom out and holding it for 10 seconds, rolling her shoulder or tickling my ribs with her toes. But she knows her Daddy's hand and will connect with him 99% of the time. It is amazing to me. Will she be a Daddy's girl?

Remember this photo from a couple weeks ago?

No, I don't lay around with my belly hanging out most days, but Midas does rest his head on my belly several times a day, especially now that I'm home. I wonder if they are at all aware of each other and if they'll sense a familiarity once the baby is here. I never feel any movement when his head is there, but maybe she feels calm when he's around. Which reminds me of when Midas' puppy training teacher told me he was the best dog in the class and should be trained as a therapy dog... and then he promptly went home and destroyed the living room of our apartment. That little angel:)

Who will you be, Little Beansie? I'm so excited to meet you!


Trisha.R.Jackson said...

You should totally let your belly hang out at night - it's so refreshing! It's the first thing I do when I get home. Comfy pants and a stretchy shirt but I immediately pull it up over my belly. I wish Smokey would lay so nicely like Midas does. She's still a 3 year old puppy though and doesn't like to snuggle for that long ;).

Nine said...

That is the cutest picture of Midas ever! How sweet that he likes to cuddle with you and LB!

Justin and Natalie said...

I wonder if my baby will be a kangaroo with all this crazy kicking. I can't wait to see "who" LB is.