Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Other interesting crap I've seen during my prime infomercial screening time (approx. 4am-6am Sun-Sun):

The Victory Plate Own a part of history for just $19.99.

Mighty Mendit Not only can you re-attach your back pocket to your jeans, but while you're add it, squirt a little goop on your walls and presto! Instant wall paper fix. Or... glue your doll's hair back to her head?

Ped Egg Grab yourself a barf bag, friends. Becuase after you're finished grating the cheese of your feet, you're gonna need it as you dump the contents of your filed treasure into the office waste basket. Mmmmm mmmm!

And by now, we're all familiar with Cash 4 Gold. Just enclose your golden bounty in the envelope labeled "Steal Me!" and we'll wire you its worth as soon as we receive the goods. We promise. First thing! Just ask Mildred who had no idea her gold jewelry was worth so much. Thank you, Cash 4 Gold.

All kidding aside, some of these things look pretty good at 4am. I've come close to being suckered into any and all steam-cleaning gadgets, a knife set, a handful of cleaning products... and that Obama plate. Have you seen the man sitting at his desk when he looks of at Barry in admiration? He looks so... inspired. I want to feel that too. To see what I'm talking about, fast-forward to 0:15 of this clip:

Pure inspiration.


Bryna said...

You crack me up.

But the guy in the Presidential Plate infomertial made me laugh too. He looks over beemingly and then continues to write his inspirational letter... good times!

Bryna said...

ps. My letters to verify was Zonette. Perhaps a good baby name?

just kidding

Our Life in Pixels said...

Oh my gosh! I laughed SO hard at the pet egg comment! You could be a pregnant comedian!!