Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy November! It's a beautiful day outside... not Novembery at all!

I got up this morning and went to the hospital lab to get my 3hr GST out of the way. I ended up being there for about 3.5 hours, which is better than the 4+ I was expecting! Got almost all of the thank you's done from our neighborhood shower and then Matt joined me for the last hour. It really wasn't too awful, but getting blood drawn 5 times within 3 hours is really not pleasant. I don't normally mind blood draws, but the poking and re-poking starts to get a little painful! We went out for a delicious French Toast breakfast afterwards:)

I've been given the clear to go to the Outer Banks for Thanksgiving, woo hoo! I'll be 34 weeks, so really my doctor just thinks I'm crazy for even wanting to drive that far, but told me she is OK with it as long as I know where there are hospitals along the way and at the beach. I checked out the OBX hospital website and would be perfectly fine if LB decided to make her appearance there, although 6 weeks early is a tad too early. We obviously would much rather she hold out and make her debut at home.

Tomorrow is our photo shoot... I am so, so excited. Lori emailed me with a list of things to bring and I can't wait to see what she has in mind for some of them!

I ordered a peapod costume for LB today. It's completely ridiculous, but so adorable and she will so be getting some photographs taken in it. I love those adorably cheesy Anne Geddes photos and this is right up that alley. She will love me for it during her teen years:)

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