Saturday, November 29, 2008


1. Our wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, prepared mostly by David and Matt, while Lisa and I caught up in our PJ's all afternoon:) All familial wisecracks aside, this might have been one of my favorite Thanksgivings. So casual, so appreciated, and SO delicious! It's true that good company is what it's all about and we are blessed with some incredible, genuine and all-around good-hearted friends. Thank you!! (I chose this picture just for you, Lisa!)

2. We have our Christmas tree! It was the first one Matt saw, but of course I had to look at each and every one before agreeing that he had picked the winning tree:) In my sentimental, mommy state-of-mind, I not only agreed to, but OFFERED to "let" Matt decorate it with colored lights this year. As I'm learning, Matt's usually right-- it looks so cheerful and festive! And knowing that we may have our Little Beansie here on Christmas makes it that much more exciting! (And if she comes later, we'll just have to keep the tree up a little longer!)

3. Our "new" PBK sleigh glider, given to us by Matt's cousins Matt and Debbie. These are the same cousins who gave us our crib and changing table. Honestly, I regularly thank God for these people for so many reasons-- their amazing hearts, their excitement for our budding little family, and their whole-hearted generosity. I love that so many of Beansie's little outfits, furniture and toys came to her with love, and not just a furniture warehouse! (Not that you'd find me complaining if I'd gone through with some of the frivilous purchases I've considered during this pregnancy!)

I'm sneaking in a fourth because any dog lover-- or even liker-- will agree, that this little man is one of the most adorable critters to trot the earth. Meet Jake, owner of the 12" ears:

(Trisha, just wait til I post Jake's rendition of O-H-I-O a la Basset Hound ears one of these days. You might die:))

(P.S. This is one of Lisa's dogs... and Matt and I are kind of in love. With him.)


Tiffany said...

I love the picture of the puppy! Ive really enjoyed following your journey! Good luck and god bless!

Hal & Jenn said...

I just saw your Nest post about your Glider. I love it! It's so adorable! And can I just say that your tree looks huge!!

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

This post is really making me hungry! I'm so glad that you had a relaxing Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to my "no travel" date in hopes that it slows me down.

The tree looks fab! So very bushy and full :). Can Matt drive up here to make our fake on look better? It has the Detroit leans at the moment.

Oh, I can't WAIT to see the OHIO puppy ears. You should totally submit that to the university's website. LOL.

Lisa said...

Aww sweetie, we are so beyond blessed to have friends like you and Matt. It was definitely our most favorite/special Thanksgiving Day! Thanks for being so generous with the pic, I guess that is one of the downfalls of a pajama Thanksgiving! Also, when I said do not put a horrible pic of me in your stupid blog, I was only serious about the horrible pic part, you are a beautiful person and a beautiful writer and I love reading!

PS. Jakers misses his Auntie Katie and Uncle Matt!