Sunday, November 23, 2008


As I sit here, secluding myself from "family time" with the in-laws while my mother-in-law starts cooking meals #4, 5, and 6 for us to freeze, I feel like such a brat. I am so thankful for all the hard work she's put into preparing all these meals and for the nice dinner she made for us last night, but I need them to leave. Now. Here is why.

I am feeling a huge need to be alone with my husband. As the days tick by and this baby pushes further and further down (I am not kidding you, I fear that my water will break every time I get out of a chair or roll out of bed-- and by roll, I mean ROLL), it's becoming quite clear that the end is in sight. Mark my word, she will be here within the next 2 weeks, if not very, very soon. And that will be the end of just "us".

Matt and I have been married for a little over 4 years and they have been the best 4 years of my life. We have so much fun together and find ourselves saying at least a few times a year (and usually after a family member or friend has royally irked us) that at least we have each other-- and we really mean it! If there was only one person I could have by my side, sharing life with, I would want no one else! He makes me that happy and I love making him happy.

Soon we will no longer have Saturday mornings lying in bed with the dog, we'll no longer be able to throw together an impromptu weekend trip at the last second, to name a couple of the little changes that are about to happen. Am I excited for this chapter in our lives? You bet! Did I pray and beg endlessly for this chance? Asolutely. Would I change anything? No way.

But I am realizing that "our" time is quickly coming to an end. After being away from each other last week and fearing that each day could quite possibly be the last we have as a family of 2 (ok, 3. I can't deny Midas.) I want-- no I need- some alone time.

I wish my in-laws were the type that would realize this on their own, but I know better. And there is no kind way to put it, so I just have to be patient and hope they leave at a decent time.

(And Lisa, I know you're probably thinking I'm going to feel this way when you and David come this week and I promise you it will be totally different. That could quite possibly be our very last couples "weekend" (even though its the middle of the week!) EVER and I plan to fully take advantage of that time! We can't wait for you guys to get here.)


Newt said...

Oh, I get that feeling completely. Hang in there--I hope your ILs give you a little more space. You're right that it's not exactly the kind of thing you can delicately hint at :)

But I also hope LB hangs in there a little longer. You need the time and so does she!

Josh said...

Oh HL. I hope they've left by now, for your sake, Matt's sake, and LB's sake. And I hope you're cuddling with Midas and watching TV and just being a little family. :)

I just broke down and cried over Thanksgiving prep with the Legg clan, so don't worry. You are not alone in the quiet frustration. Even though it's about different stuff, I gotchoo. ;)

Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

Okay, again with Josh's Google account always being signed in on this computer! The above is from me, again. I'm sorry. Today sucks. :(