Monday, November 24, 2008


I tried to pick a handful of my favorite photos from our maternity session with our friend, Lori, but I couldn't narrow it down very well. I just love the emotion behind each picture. Maybe it's because Lori and her husband have been with us through the best and worst of our journey. When I told Lori that we had lost our first pregnancy, she broke into tears and prayed with me in my classroom this past February. She and her husband (and their 3 wonderful children!) have such amazing hearts and I loved that she was able to capture our pain, our glory, our sadness and our pure bliss in these photos. I hope you enjoy them:) If you'd like to see more, go to, Client Proofing, Katie. Turn your speakers on for a pretty piano background.

And the ice cream shots!


Baby and Me said...

yummy ice cream! Oh sorry I got side tracked! You look great, the pictures turned out really well.

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

Just adorable!! I can't wait to do mine in a few weeks. I have no idea what to wear.

Bryna said...

As you can probably tell, I'm just catching up on reading... I *heart* the hand-heart-on-belly shot!!!!! You are too cute for words sista!