Monday, October 13, 2008


28 weeks! That's 7 months... woweeeee!

In an attempt to avoid having to clear out the laundry baskets that usually reside in the place where I stand for my belly shots, I tried to have Matt take the picture in the sunroom. Most people would know better than to stand in front of a sunny window, but then again, I'm not most people. The end result was a slightly grainy shadowy figure of dun, dun, dun... PREGGO WOMAN!

Our neighbor, owner of the penises, just gave us a CD of all the pictures from yesterday. Matt and I had a good laugh zooming in on all my chins and my feet progressively swelling out of my flip flops as the gifts were opened... I'll be sure to post those soon! (And for the record, it was mostly me laughing and Matt being unsure of whether it was safe to laugh with me. Smart man:))

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buckeyebabe99 said...

You baby belly is adorable! I was going to say "bump" but I think we've now moved past that stage :). Craig keeps saying "You're belly is so big". Ha ha ha - little does he know that it's only the 1/2 of it...literally!