Sunday, October 19, 2008


So. Very. Tired.

We had a surprisingly nice weekend with Matt's family at their annual Oktoberfest family reunion. This year's theme was Little Beansies, which was kicked off with a really cute shower on Saturday afternoon... lots of jelly beans and beanie decor! Matt's cousin Stephanie is super crafty and made the most adorable decorations. Our friend Beth also came... Beth and her husband were our very first married friends when we lived in Wooster, they got married one week after us, and we've kept in touch over the years, which isn't easy to do! It was really nice seeing her... and she is now expecting also:) It's funny (and a little embarrassing) to think about the way we used to spend our Friday nights and now here we are about to become moms and dads. Yowza.

Once Matt's cousin emails me pictures, I'll be sure to post them, along with some from last weekend's 'hood shower. Have a great week!!!!!!!

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