Thursday, October 2, 2008


One of my co-workers surprised me today with a "Mommy Mix" she made for a few of us pregnant women at work:) It is so adorable and full of the sweetest "Mom & Dad" songs. I love it so much and am so thankful for the sweet little things our friends and family are doing for our litte family. I really think it's the smallest touches that sometimes mean the most! Kind of like when...

A 1st grader named Callie loves to give me hugs and I loovvve my Callie hugs! She's usually very quiet and will rarely say anything... just wraps her arms around my waist and smiles.

Today she came at me with her arms open, wrapped 'em around me and put her ear on my belly. When I told her the baby was doing a lot of kicking and to look out for a boomer, she looked up, smiled a toothless smile, and laid her ear back down to listen. I think Little Beansies liked that. Momma sure did:)

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