Sunday, October 26, 2008


An update on the life of Little Beansies, from Momma's perspective:

LB is FULL of activity these days. I read that she is storing more fat on her little bod, which means she has more energy and strength to move faster and more often-- I can confirm this!

At least a couple times each day I'm able to look down and see my whole belly move like a wave pool. At my ultrasound last week, she was head down, facing towards my back, which would mean the movement I'm seeing in my "upper belly" is her little bottom! Yes, she is shaking her booty.

Yesterday I felt a kick of sorts all the way at the top of my "bump" (which is more basketball-like than bump-like), where my ribs should be (I couldn't tell you where the heck they actually are these days). This is the highest I've felt movement-- she's getting taller!!

Even though my baby girl appears full size in my mind and certainly FEELS full size in my belly, she is only 3 pounds and about the size of a squash right now. I imagine her inside my belly kicking with purpose and having lots of thoughts and rationale behind her actions-- really I imagine her as a little person, capable of so much more than is realistic. Once she's born it will be shickingly obvious just how helpless he really is. Her own little arms twitching will be enough to scare her out of a deep sleep, just like when you dream you're falling off the bed and you jerk yourself awake only find that you're nowhere near the edge of the bed, only you're a matter of HOURS old and don't know what the heck is going on in this bright, cold, loud world.

As I type this it feels like somoene is sawing logs, literally inside of me. I know she couldn't possibly be snoring, as snoring requires breathing oxygen and passing air through lungs, but that's exactly what it feels like. This is a new one, but just like everything else I wonder what exactly is going on in there.

Oh, Little Beansies, we are so excited to me you. Daddy and I commented on how you will be here in just 10 weeks now! Daddy thinks you'll be here a little early, since he arrived just 4 weeks from where you are today. What do you have planned for us, little girl? I hope you know how very much we love you. We pray constantly for you and are overwhelmed with joy that we get to take care of you and raise you to be an amazing person. I can't wait for your story to unfold, Beansie:)

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Nine said...

I can't believe you're 30 weeks already! Time is flying and your active little girl will be here before you know it! Take care!