Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I got to my appointment with 2 minutes to spare, which is more than I was expecting as I had to deal with a "problem child" as I was getting ready to leave the office and then I forgot that I have to go through registration at the hospital (for evvvvverything... blood work, ultrasounds, the whole 9. Urgent Care is also there which means I've done this 3 times in the last 10 days. Which might explain why I have this many hospital bracelets... and this isn't all of them!)

So as I was waiting, my favorite ultrasound technician, Janet, came out to get me and I was so relieved to see her. I feel like she really cares about our family and we've built a nice rapport that makes me very comfortable with her. She was immediately concerned and didn't laugh when I told her the story. She told me I was doing the right thing and she was going to do a full scan since she had me there.

Right away, heart rate was fine, placenta was still in tact and posterior. Blood was pumping through the cord strongly and Little Beansies was snoozing away after her erratic 12 hour flailfest yesterday. In fact, our little girl was even sucking her thumb! Maybe we ought to start her orthodontics fund now. Screw college, she needs straight teeth:)

She is very low, but I'm only 5'2" so there isn't much else in the way of space for her to go, other than out! She weighs about 3 lbs and appears to be measuring in the 50th percentile, with an expected 59th percentile at birth. Right in the middle... we'll see!

I must admit I was scared last night. I had lots more cramping as the evening passed on and by bedtime I also had back pain-- the kind that, paired with abdominal cramping, is not good. This morning I woke up at 5:30 and did not feel movement until about 9:30, in the middle of the Juggler Bob assembly. Good timinng, Beanse.

So now we wait, relaxed and reassured, for the next 11 weeks! I'm not sure if my doctor does a 35 week ultrasound, which is OK if she doesn't. I can hold off for a few more weeks for the real deal:) Thank you, thank you, thank you, God for taking care of this little girl.


Baby and Me said...

Glad everything went well!

Kristi said...

Whew! What a relief! I was praying so hard for you guys & will continue to do so until that beauty makes her grand entrance!!