Sunday, October 12, 2008


The meds are working! Last night by dinner I could barely swallow and got a little worried that this was not a good sign (after 3 doses of amox), but this morning I am feeling better! I think the night shift came in and it was a mixture of fatigue, talking too much, eating dinner, etc. Nights are always worse when you're sick. I'm so glad I'm feeling better now.

Today is our neighborhood baby shower. When Betty & Betty, our neighbors down the street, sat me down on their swing and whipped out their calendars and legal pads to schedule this shin dig, I was completely surprised. I knew the Bettys had been working on some projects (booties, blankets and hats) for the baby, but a shower? They went around pointing to all the neighboring houses telling me who does what-- "Janet knits, Vera, Dorothy, June and Margie quilt, Ellen crochets..." and I started to get excited. This was totally up my alley! Minimal registry gifts, all heartfelt creations, and sentimental gifts that our little girl can pass on to her little ones someday (even though Mom probably won't be able to part with them so she'll pack them away and lug the boxes around for decades)? I can't wait!

I'll take lots of pictures, including some updated nursery pics for my super creative girlriend Christyn (whose wedding we went to in Kentucky over the summer) who has been asking lots of questions lately... hmmmm;)

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Baby and Me said...

Glad you are feeling better!