Monday, October 20, 2008


Well no pictures yet... I'm just. too. tired. But they will be up this week! Just wanted to share that 2 Fridays ago I did the Glucose screening test and failed, boo hoo. Thankfully I realized that I took the test the same afternoon that I came down with Strep throat and fever/infection can affect the results so I quickly called the doctor back and asked if I could re-take the 1 hour before taking the 3 hour (which, mind you, is really 4 hours long. don't be fooled!)

I re-took the 1 hr test today in Logan instead of Lancaster and had the greatest experience!

1. Today I was given the option of "Sprite" or "Orange soda". In L'caster I was given "Sprite" only.

2. Today my "Sprite" was refrigerated... niiiiice and cold. In L'caster, room temp. Yuck.

3. Today I only had to drink half they bottle and they even poured it for me! In L'caster, the whole bottle and I had to pour my own stiff drink.

4. Today I was able to roam around the hospital at my leisure during the wait. In L'caster I was stuck in 1 boring waiting room.

5. Today I saw people I knew! Not so much in L'caster considering I was the only person there the entire hour.

6. Today? No pee. L'caster pee test. In a drug screening room (which means no running water... which means washing your hands in a separate room. YUCK! No safe place to put your purse, that's for sure.)

OK and now for the BEST part, I had to drop off a deposit check for Child Birth class in the Birth Center, somewhere I've never been. Once you pass through the doors, it's like entering Happyville! It is so stinking adorable! The nurses glide around with smiles on their faces and rainbows bursting from their ears:) I was ready to climb into a bed and check in for the next 11 weeks. I kind of can't wait:) We take the class next week and I really hope we get to tour the whole Birth Center so Matt can see. I'm pretty sure he'll be most excited that the cafeteria is about 15 steps away:)

So, here's to hoping for better test results this time around!

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Baby and Me said...

Good luck on the test! I hate bathrooms with no sinks, yuck!