Saturday, October 11, 2008


1st trimester: Cold
2nd trimester: UTI
3rd trimester: Strep

Thank goodness there's not a 4th trimester.

And praise God for Urgent Care and Amoxicillan. I have a baby shower to look pretty for tomorrow! And an apppointment with my secret lover (Dr. Hamilton, the chiro) on Monday. There's no time for this nonsense.

The doctor asked me if I was pregnant when he started checking me over. I usually tell people "no" at this point (or if they ask if we have names picked out my mom and I came up with Beulah Grace- since Grace is the new Marie- to start telling them... so far I've only tried it once and I was with my mom and we both laughed so hard the lady told my mom to be careful or she might wet her pants!). When he asked how far along I was, I reverted to the old-fashioned "months" vs. "weeks"... and by my quick calculations I'm just about 7 months!

SEVEN MONTHS! In Matt's "Dad Pregnancy" book, this month is titled "Entering the Home Stretch". Well hot dog!

And in other news, we may have a name for this little girl! And believe it or not, it was inspired by my little friend Austin, who is the sweetest little guy I've ever met. He has Asperger's and can be a handful, but in between his wild moments, he just grabs ahold of your heart. I met him about 2 years ago when he was getting ready to go to Kindergarten. When he sees me he touches my belly and asks if there's still a baby in there, why she's still in there, if it's still a girl (hopefully!), and what her name is. His name suggestion last week was "T-Rex". I asked him if he could think of something girlier and he gave me his sister's name, which is a name I love, but is pretty trendy. When I told Matt the story, he said "I like that!" and since then we've kind of tentatively decided we might have a name! (How's that for non-commital?!) But now it's a secret! Any guesses?!??!?! It's not Ella, Emma, any form of Madison or Madeline, Grace... or Beulah.


Katie said...

I don't know but I kinda liked Beulah.

Lynda said...


K-tell said...

Maybe we thought it was funny bc it came out of a catalog and was the name of a stuffed sheep. She had a cow friend name Bessie too... Bessie could be fun:)

nope, not hannah! but that is pretty!

Amber said...

Alayna? Jada? My girlfriend just named her daughter Lilyana. It's funny you mention Madison. Roni wanted to name Savannah Madison, so then would have had Mason and Madison, I kindly said no way.

Nine said...

Sophie popped into my head right away, but I've been known to be wrong :)

Is Grace really that trendy? I'm hoping it's not as we've been trying to avoid trendy names...