Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Lots of updates...

Tomorrow is our child birth class, which I'm very excited about because I only have to work a half day! I'm also excited because Matt and I have such buys schedules right now that we have been going week-long stretches of barely seeing each other and this will be 4 straight hours of together time! How sad is that?! Nevermind that it will be full of vaginas and lactating breasts... belonging to other women. I dont even care, I get my sweetie for more than a quick smooch in passing.

Tomorrow I also have a massage after my chiro adjustment. I was ready to break up with my chiropractor until he pulled the ultimate Wild Card by offering me a massage at my next appointment. Hook, line and sinker.

We have an appointment for maternity photos on Sunday afternoon, thanks to my sweet friend Lori who I originally met last year as a parent of one of my students, but who has evolved into a dear neighbor, co-worker an church fellow. She does freelance photography, but has never done maternity photos. She offered to take newborn photos as a gift to Little Beansies once she arrives and went ahead and "hired" her to take maternity photos too. My friend Molly is going to take some outdoor photos in November, but just in case the weather is not conducive to outdoor photography, we'll have some studio pictures:) I am so excited! I'm thinking a big fat belly shot would go lovely on the living room wall, above the flat screen.

My 2 week appointments have begun! I did not pass my 1-hr glucose re-take, but only by 3 points (my level was 133) and my doctor uses 2 different charts. One says anything over 130 requires the 3-hour test, while the other says anything over 140. So really, I'm probably perfectly fine. For a moment I thought she wasn't going to make me take the 3 hour test, but I was oh so wrong. First thing Monday morning. But at least I'll be forced to sit and write my Thank You's, which may never happen if I'm not confined to a waiting room.

And finally, a dazzling photo of me post work, post sweeping rice, noodles, cardboard and ziplock bag shreds from the laundry room floor (Midas had a fun day!), and post dog walk in the subarctic, windy night. Enjoy the beauty of 30 week Katie.

I've decided in a few weeks I need to do a post of all my worst belly shots... seriously, there are some doozies that will get some good laughs. Stay tuned:)


Kristi said...

Yay for getting time to spend with your hubby!!!

And bah!! Your beely shot looks great and YOU look great!!!

Justin and Natalie said...

Did your hubby stand on a ladder to that shot or is he really that tall?

K-tell said...

He's definitely that tall:) He might have been sitting on the bed though... it's a big 4 poster bed so it's kinda tall. But he is one tall cookie!