Thursday, October 23, 2008


I feel like such a criminal. I've never in my life been to court, yet I now have a subpeona to appear as a witness in a case involving one of my former students AND I just got a follow-up letter for jury duty (seriously, i'm "on call" or whatever from Sep.1-Dec.31, give me a break, that's a bit long, wouldn't you say?) for the exact same date. Two different counties, same time, don't think that's happening. I don't think I can legally be on a jury if I'm involved with another case. I've dealt with more police officers and detectives in the last few months than I even thought possible. I love my job:) (I really do actually love my job.)

A couple weeks ago I brought up our little girl having a mystery name and got some good guesses from readers!


None are correct:) I won't even tell you if one is close! But Suzanne, I promise you Sophie is completely off limits. No worries:) It's kind of fun having a juicy little secret. People always ask the same series of questions when they first meet a pregnant woman:

When are you due?
Do you know what you're having?
Do you have a name picked out?

January 5th, a girl, and wouldn't you love to know!??!?!


Baby and Me said...

I know I am not telling anyone the names we chose either. We have it narrowed down to two names but we have a favorite. I love secrets like that too!

Lynda said...

did i mention that January is a GREAT month to be born?

I'm not telling names either when it's my turn. I made he mistake of telling my team lead my fave girl name. She's not having anymore but can she keep it to herself?

Justin and Natalie said...

I was a witness in a murder trial last year. (I didn't actually witness the murder, but I spoke to the victim just hours before. She was one of my tenants in the apt complex I worked at.) They just had me read an email I'd sent to my boss about what she'd said to me. It was easy peasy. In and out. And I got a free trip back to my college town out of it!

Katie said...

I hope that Little Beansies makes her appearance 4 days early so we can share a birthday :)