Wednesday, April 2, 2008


In the last 3 days, I have cried over a puppy, a dead deer, seeing the woman who hit the deer crying on the side of the road, Bambi, the puppy again, my baby in Heaven, my neighbor who found out she has oral cancer (who I don't even know), the dead deer again, nothing, Dan In Real Life, nothing again, Matt pretending to be a dog, Matt rubbing my belly and calling what he hopes is inside "Little Weezie", Shirley snapping at me, having to pretend like I'm OK with my Columbus friends not being able to come to my party and having to act like despite this being one of the things keeping my head together this week, that it's no big deal and all of this without any of them knowing about my miscarriage.

The point is, I can't stop crying and most of the time it's for stupid things or nothing at all.

But on a happy note, I have a girl's weekend planned with Lisa and Molly in June!

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