Monday, April 14, 2008


On my way home from work today, my neighbor, Betty, called and said "Katie, don't you make dinner tonight! I had bridge club here today and I've got leftovers, so stop by when you get home."

Ummmm, SOLD!

She is so cute and let me tell you... she hooked us up! (Complete with everything from shrimp cocktail through Lemon Delight dessert... I don't even like shrimp cocktail but it looks so pretty sitting in my refrigerator, plus I didn't have the heart to tell her, hehe)

I asked her why her daugther wasn't benefiting from bridge club and she told me "Don't worry about her... I'm your mom today!" But the cutest part of my visit was when she took me on a tour of her condo, which *surprise* looks just like ours! She showed me pictures of her late husband and I asked her how they met (scandalous, scandalous!) and she told me what a great dresser he was and how she fell for him over his dance moves. It was so neat to see her eyes light up and hear her giggle. She really giggled:)

We have some of the sweetest neighbors.

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