Thursday, April 24, 2008


I got a very nice phone call from my Aunt Bonnie, the one who went into the whole "relax" shpeel with me last week. This conversation was muuuuuch better, way more realistic and normal and not involving images of little eggs and sperm wearing flowy skirts, mustaches, daisies or braids. I really love my aunt and I wish I wouldn't have gotten upset over that conversation.

In exciting baby news, I witnessed a baby's first crawl today!! It was so incredibly exciting! I was on the floor playing with a couple bebes and he decided he really wanted a toy that was just out of his reach, so he, very slowly and very wobbly, reached with one arm, did a little crawly scoot with one leg and then collapsed on top of the toy. We cheered, we clapped, we got teary eyed... I cannot wait to experience these milestones with my own children someday. I felt so proud of the little guy (Tanner is his name, by the way. Holy cuteness!).

The sad part is that his mother missed it. She had asked if we could call her if he started looking like he might start (evidentally they've been waiting for it to happen any day) and it just happened so quickly. I kind of hope they just don't tell her. Maybe he'll do it at home tonight and she'll think that was his first crawl. How hard for a mommy to miss those things.


I got a phone call from Lisa during nap time this afternoon (honestly, I think I have the best job, lol) and she is finally OVULATING!!! I was so giddy for her, you'd have thought she just told me she was pregnant. But you don't know how big of an accomplishment this is for her body, so YAYYYYY Lisa's ovaries!!! Make some baby!!!


Daina (rosebud78) said...

LOL - the image of eggs wearing skirts, daisies and braids is hilarious. :) I'm glad you had such an awesome encounter with the baby at work today. I hope they don't tell his parents, either. :)

Lisa said...

lol! hooray for me! thanks katie, I feel so special you were blogging about my little ovaries that could (I take back all the mean things I said about them!) I love you so much!