Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yesterday I spent a couple hours helping out in the nursery at work, which was sooooo much fun. But while I was in there, I saw something... shocking? jaw dropping? maybe even a little horrifying?

It is called a nurse-ry, and it began as a way for the Academy teachers to bring their babies to work and have them taken care of in a way that still allowed them to leave their classes to nurse their babies, play with them, and just be with them. Part of the room is sectioned off for "non-mobile" infants who can't yet crawl or scoot. Also in this section are rocking chairs for feedings. So one teacher came in to nurse her baby boy and everyone got to chatting. (As a sidenote, I love just popping into the nursery to chat and feed or hold a baby because the women who work in there just crack me up. I'm really second guessing my decision not to switch from my class to there because it is such a fun place to work.)

So this mother is feeding her baby and we're all chatting and then she asks me a question, so I turn to face her head on and she has her breast out for the world to see. OK, I know moms get this way after turning into a nursing machine-- you just don't care anymore. BUT I saw way more than I ever hoped to see. I quickly averted my eyes to avoid the massive boob, even massiver areola and massiver yet nipple just chilling while her baby took a break. Guys, I've never seen such... huge... boobs! Is this how all pregnant/nursing breasts get? The areola had to have been 3-4 inches in diameter! And the nipple was like an inch long!!! I'm not going to lie, I was a little grossed out.

I'm sure I'll feel differently when I'm the one nursing my own baby and I'm sure there are a million other changes the body goes through and this is just par for the course, but man, oh man. My entire boob isn't even 4 inches across right now! Let alone its partners in crime!

You know I'll never be able to look at this woman without picturing her gigantic cartoon boobies lighting up before me.


Andrea said...

I love you so much for this entry right now. I can't even put it into words.

I have no answers to your questions - just a shared paranoia! Perhaps I'll ask Fif for her input later! I will report back with any interesting info!

Katie said...

I'm so you were traumatized. A little cover up would have been nice. But I did giggle to myself imagining the situation (not imagining this ladies gigantic ta-tas, that would be weird). We were eating at a Japanese steakhouse-where they cook on your table and this lady whipped her boob out twice. I'm glad she waited until after the fire part!

Vivian said...

I am all for BF but when i had my son i have always been self-consious of my mosiquito bites (normmaly a-b cups when BF i was a D, I also got mastitis but that's a whle other story)
I would always throw a light baby blanket over my should when he fed and I would don it in ramndom places i timed my outings to just 1-2 hours right after feeding in the car out side the store, anyway to anwser your question yes they do get huge a-d cups, and while it was fun hey for the first time i had boobs! The nipple since the baby is sution so hard while feeding does get long but it goes back to normal after a bit after feeding. Oh and they go back to normal-ish propotions, i'm back in my b bras. sorry if TMI

K-tell said...

Hey, thanks for the info, Viv! Nothing is TMI for me anymore:)

Bring on the big boobs!

Joanne said...

LMAO at your description. I've seen similar so I know what you mean. :)