Saturday, April 26, 2008


Thursday night Matt had very late meetings and games, so we agreed to just pick up dinner for ourselves instead of cooking. Call me crazy, but I decided to get Taco Bell. The older I get, the more disgusting that place makes me feel, but every once in a while it sounds really good!

So I pulled up to the drive thru and the man taking the orders (we'll call him Paco) went through his opening shpeel and then I told him I needed just a second. He says it's no problem. And then this ensues:

Paco: OK, one second's up.

Me: Wellll, OK, maybe one minute.

Paco: Take your time! ... beep, beep, beep. 55 seconds left.

Me: laughs and wonders if this guy has been waiting his whole life to do this

Paco: ... beep, beep, beep

Me: OK, I'm ready! Could I please have 2 soft tacos, 1 Diet Coke, and a...

Paco: Oh, were you talking to me?

This continued even after I pulled up to the window and saw that Paco was not the squirrely high school boy I was envisioning, but a rather older gentleman thoroughly enjoying his job! I thought the whole thing was pretty darn funny, despite his persistent apologies at the end. I think if I ever work a drive-thru window, I'll do the same thing:)

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Jennie! said...

Every now and then I think, "I haven't had Taco Bell in a while," and then I eat it and remember why I don't eat Taco Bell anymore. Hee.