Wednesday, April 30, 2008


OK, now I can say it. I'm pregnant:) All of the prayers must really be paying off! Thank you, Lord!!!!

First beta today, at 12dpo was 120. Yay:) I should know my progesterone level tomorrow, then have my 2nd draw on Friday... and probably know if it doubled by Monday, which is what really matters. So send some doubling dust my way!!

Also, Lisa, my friend whose ovulation I announced for all the internet to see... she has a very pretty progesterone level today, which could mean a happy BFP is on its way! Let's all hope! We wanted to have our Christmas babies together, but we'll take January babies instead! We're also giving these to each other's babies (kudos to Lisa for finding them):

Because for Pete's sake, Matt and I have waited almost 4 years and gone through 1 miscariage and Lisa and David have waited over 5 years and gone through 2 miscarriages. I hope the wait is over for both of us and we can have a couple very health babies in January!


Sarah (sdb421) said...

I'm so happy for you and so thrilled that you've finally come out of hiding on your blog. Love the onesie and I hope I can join you in pregnancy land ASAP!

Andrea said...

IAMSOEXCITED! I will try to email you with more articulate excitement tomorrow; I'm a little mentally pooped right now and IAMSOEXCITED is the best I can do. :) I love you, mama!

PS, Lisa, I am praying for you, too!

Nine said...

congrats!! This is wonderful- throwing as much doubling dust as I can your way.

Lisa said...

Katie that is whats going to make you such a wonderful mommy, you are such a wonderful person and friend! Thinking of me, and my ovulation and my ever so lovely progesterone numbers when you are in the middle of the greatest thing that has ever been! I love you so much!

And Andrea, thank you so much, my husband and I greatly appreciate the prayers...and I cannot wait to meet you!

Lynda said...

so darn excited for you! definitely sending the most expensive and potent baby dust there is!

how about jan 10th for a due date? ;-)

ditto on another commenter, i hope to be in pg land by JULY! (we're holding off one month longer than planned b/c we've booked tickets to ireland and who doesn't want to have a guinness or two there?)

Vivian said...

I'm sooooo happy for you guys!!! that is great news!!! I love the onesie too and its so true!
I am keeping you guys in my daily prayers!
Enjoy being pregnant its sucha blessing in itself!

Jennie! said...

Yay, congratulations!

tbonegrl said...

I absolutely couldn't be happier for you! CONGRATS!!!