Friday, April 4, 2008


So, thanks AF, for showing up 5 days early. Guess I'm back to 28-day cycles.

Instead of being 8 months pregnant, I'll be spending my Thanksgiving here

Not a bad tradeoff:)


Lynda said...

maybe you will be there and be 7 months pregnant!


K-tell said...

I'll take it!!

Lisa said...

awww, Im sorry doll, so heres to our new years babies! hooray for beachside turkey! I love you!

tbonegrl said...


Andrea said...

Ahhhh man. :( I'm so sorry, HL -- it sounds like you're keeping an awesome perspective about this, but still, my heart is hurting for you. I will call you as soon as I possibly can and we will talk. I love you & I'm praying for you!

PS, I agree with Lynda! Maybe you'll be 7 months, happy at the beach, and chowing down on turkey. Sounds good to ME! :) Keep the faith, bubele -- you're the best!