Monday, March 31, 2008


Instead of telling you all about how I spent my lunch break crying up and down the aisles of Target, I am going to dedicate this post to my dear friend, Andrea, who has been getting raped in the backside by her graduate school work. Andrea is going to become the hottest Librarian this world has ever laid eyes on in a matter of, what like a year?? Practically? And she's working her a$$ off to get there. And because of it, I never get to talk to her. But that's OK becuase someday she will be a rich director of all things intelligent and sophisticated and she will buy me a yacht for girl's weekends. And all will be well again:)

(I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!)

Cheese. Arf. Flush.

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Andrea said...

Gah. Thank you, HL. I got so stressed today with everything that I forgot to breathe.

5 more weeks. :(

Love you and miss you LIKE CRAZY!

PS, I hope the reason you were crying in the aisles of Target was because you were overwhelmed with joy at the new spring clothing selection! Please tell me that was why?