Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Kids can be so wierd. Sometimes I just listen in to little groups playing in their centers or socializing while doing their table work, and I'll hear the most random, silly conversations. The role playing is the best... one time Kylie and another child were playing in the dollhouse and Kylie was the mom/wife. I heard her say to the dad/husband "Who was that woman you were with last night?" No kidding.

A couple weeks ago Sierra came running into the room, excited to tell me that her Mommy (a school psychologist) was finally home from her trip to the place with beads where you show your boobies. Trailing behind her was her dad (Spanish teacher at our Christian private school). All I could say to him was "Ohh, the things we know about you guys!"

Nap time usually brings out the wierdest tendancies. Every class has a humper. We have three. Some children have no interest in humping, but choose to sing in a whisper, play itsy-bitsy spider (and other variations), fart, do bridges, give themselves rocker girl hairstyles, shake, roll over, sit up, (beg?), take 30 trips to the bathroom. Sometimes I just sit and watch and think "children are the wierdest creatures on the face of this earth." I'll take one!

I want a strange kid who tells crazy stories and keeps his/her teachers on their toes, who loves to cuddle, will sit on anyone's lap, will tell stories until I don't think I can possibly keep my eyes open one second longer, who wants to do everything Mommy or Daddy does, who wants to grow up to be a Mommy or Daddy or Firefighter or Teacher or whatever else 5-year olds dream of being.

I want a family. My own family. My own wierd family.


Jennie! said...

A humper? Oh dear lord. Hee.

Andrea said...

I have faith that you will have that family, HL. :) And I can't wait to meet your hilarious, beautiful, intelligent, creative, kind-hearted little ones!

PS, you might want to start checking your mailbox in the next few days! :)