Sunday, March 30, 2008


I went to a Body Shop party last night and had so much fun making myself soft and pretty smelling. Those parties are so much fun! You would think it would be awkward scrubbing your tootsies in a bucket surrounded by people who have only ever seen you in a professional setting (and then some who you've never seen before in your life), and I guess it sort of is at first, but it doesn't take long to forget about all that and enjoy yourself:)

I think I'm going to have another party of my own. Last spring I had one for my Columbus friends and hosted it at my house, but I think I may have the next one at my Aunt Pam's in Columbus so the girlies don't have to drive so far. And Andrea, you and MommaFif could possibly swing it a little easier?!?! Suzanne?? I'm thinking early summer, on the patio, with margaritas:)

Alllso great news. Well, potentially great news. I had cramps yesterday at 6dpo that were exactly like my 6dpo cramps on my BFP cycle and my girls are finally sore!! I never ever EVER would have imagined how happy cramps and sore boobs could make me or my sweet husband. I still have about 3 or 4 days until I plan on testing. But honestly and truly, if this isn't the month, it'll be OK bc then I'll still be able to go to the beach for Thanksgiving. (A BFP this cylcle would put me in my 8th month at T'day. Too far along to travel... or is it??? mwa hahahaha)


buckeyebabe99 said...

Yeah for cramps and sore girls, cycle buddy! Yeah, I think we'll be pushing it for traveling around Turkey Day. Sine I'm considered high risk, I may not be able to travel sooner than that.

Vivian said...

Woohoo! isn't funny how something we used to hate now makes us so happy!
I told michael that i would take m/s all day even throwing up if it means for our bean to stick!
sending much BFP dust your way

Andrea said...

YES! To everything! You will hopefully be hearing from me soon -- today is Homework Day for the next 18 hours, but dammit, I will try to get in touch with you at some point to discuss all of this! But yes, MommaFif & I are TOTALLLLLLY game! And I am so praying that all of these symptoms are pointing to BebeLand! :)

K-tell said...

Eee, thanks guys!!!