Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Last night Midas threw up FIVE times. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep. I even laid down with him on the floor for part of the night because I felt so bad for the poor guy. Animals are so helpless when they're sick or hurt, it just breaks my heart.

It a twist of fate, Matt had his 14th calamity day, due to flooding, so he was able to stay home and make sure the bub's was A-OK, which he was:) So Matt came to Lancaster to meet me for lunch at Red Lobster!

And then the day ended with my sweet little Micah having explosive diarrhea, while simultaneously spitting into my mouth. This is one time when hand washing simply cannot prevent the spread of the flu!

Normally I go to Starbucks on Wednesdays for my lunch/rest break, since my Newsweek comes in the mail each Tuesday. But since Matt came to meet me for lunch today, tomorrow will be my Starbucks day, which makes me so very happy:)

Still no AF. I am onto the 35th day of this cycle.

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Andrea said...

Awwwwww...Midas! Is he okay? I know what you mean about that helpless feeling. He is a lucky doggie to have you & Matt taking such good care of him. :) I hope he's better soon!

PS, Red Lobster?! IS SO GOOD! I never knew until a few weeks ago!

PPS, I just found out Josh's spring break dates and I was wrong in my estimation. :( He's off the week AFTER St. Patty's -- ARRRRGGGGGGGGGG! I'll be in touch!