Sunday, March 16, 2008


This cycle we are 100% determined to follow all the rules, time everything as best we can and hope for the absolute greatest reward in the end. Which is why, despite having the flu, I did not turn my sweetie down for Day 1 of the Sperm Meets Egg Plan (no lie, it's real! Google it). Wait, actually I did. On the real Day 1 I was still erupting... the NEXT day, however, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, and got down to business! SMEP is a bit involved, and while sex week usually starts out fun, Sex 12+ days (if I O on cd21 again, like last cycle) could lose its luster pretty fast.

So, listen up, Eggies. They are coming for you. FULL FORCE! One of you better get yourself packed and ready to go make a new friend because the boys are back in town!

Also, after experiencing what I can only imagine to be labor-like contractions during my miscarriage, the horrendous pain of gall stone attacks, and the insane cramping the comes with both food poisoning (Honeymoon) and this latest dose of Norovirus, I told Matt that, despite what I've always said about wanting to try my best for natural childbirth, I have no business attempting a natural delivery. I can deal with pain, for the most part. Really, I'm a pretty tough cookie. But I am not good with stomach/abdominal/internal/on-again-off-again pain. I will gladly accept an epidural when the time comes.


Andrea said...

Oh HL. You are my hero. I am having a ridiculous HL moment right now because I ALSO have the stomach flu. :( And the fact that you still had the energy for sexytime babymaking activities? Makes you my hero. I have a good feeling about this cycle for you! And I'm not just saying that -- my gut instinct is telling me so!

Anyway, back to the Gatorade and french fries. Were you able to keep anything down for the first day or so? Because I'm definitely not. BAH. :(

K-tell said...

Not even water:( Which is probably why I lost 7 lbs overnight. But hang in there! If you're handing Gatorade and French Fries, you are well on your way to recovery!!!