Thursday, March 27, 2008


So we have baby furniture in our house and I LOVE IT! Matt's cousin offerred us her Italian baby furniture, so how could I turn it down? They're preparing to move to New York and need to downsize their stuff. Debbie could hardley stand to get rid of it, but I'm happy she asked us because I love it to pieces already and we don't even have a baby for it yet! The crib/toddler bed will be available for us in January, after they move.

Matt picked it up from their house in Columbus this morning and since I've been home all he can talk about is how cute Julia, who just turned 2, is. He told me exactly what she was wearing and how her hair was done (parted down the side with a barrette and a little curl tucked behind her ear), everything she said, how she behaved... I mean everything! All he has ever said is that he wants a little boy, at least first... I guess I can't expect much else from someone whose career is focused around sports:) But oh my gosh, hearing him gush over Julia just makes me melt. I could be wrong, but I think he's had a change of heart. (I called Debbie to pass along the compliment that Julia is "pretty cute" and she said "Yep, Matt was definitely eyeing her while he was here!")

Everything about TTC this time around is different than last time. Matt is so much more excited, rubs my tummy, gives it pep talks, talks to the little "dude" he hopes is growing inside. When I came out of our guest room after admiring the changing table, I told him how exciting it was to have baby furniture in the house and he did is signature eye brow wiggle, which equals "Bring it on!!"

So, little guys, if you've met up and are doing your thing, keep up the good work and grow strong for Momma!! We've got a designer poop station with your name all over it!


Andrea said...

AWWWWWWWWW! *blinks back happy tears* This post absolutely made my incredibly stressful day so much better. Words cannot express how awesome it is to read how happy + hopeful + peaceful you guys are. I am saying so many prayers -- and I love you guys so much!

Jennie! said...

A designer poop station is the only place to poop, really.