Saturday, March 22, 2008


I got a pre-O positive today! I am so happy that I won't have to wait until cd21 like last month, even if it is only 4 days early. Every day counts when you're waiting. There is something wierd about O'ing at your parents' house though. Becuase even though my mom wants grandkids big time right now (future blog post), my parents are still Matt's in-laws and getting jiggy with it at the in-laws is not something Matt has ever felt comfortable with. But today he had no arguments, and that makes me so happy:) When Little Weezties is on the line, all systems are a go:) I can't believe I'm blogging this.

And on a completely unrelated and wierdly transitionally note, Suzanne, the 4 of us settled in around the TV this afternoon to watch your's and Andy's wedding video and Rehearsal Dinner slideshow. I cried. Mom cried. We need to spend more time together so we can make more memories, on film, for our kids to use in their wedding slideshows. Sigh. Love you:)

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Suz said...

i dont know if it is hormones but when I just read that i got teary eyed...Love you and miss you much! Happy easter!