Monday, September 1, 2008


We're back from the Smokey Mts and had lots of fun! It was very relaxing and full of junk food and televison:) Last night I even got in the hot tub (which, I assure you was a safe 95 degrees and we only stayed in for about 20 minutes so we could make it back inside for The Hills rerun). We ate at Tony Romas Saturday night, grilled hot dogs for lunch yesterday and ordered the world's worst pizza for dinner. But today's IHOP breakfast was delish.

I seriously don't think I've ever eaten so much junk food in one weekend in my whole entire life. We were all off the hook and enjoyed every minute of it!

And now for some pics:) Please remember that we were on vacation and therefore hair product and makeup didn't necessarily make the trip.

Midas drinking in the backseat

The pretty view from our deck

My cutie boy

Dinner with Wonder Works in the background... look closely, the whole building is upside down!

Lisa & her hot husband, David:)

Even Weetzies wants to show off his baby belly:)

Lisa's Maybe Baby... hopefully implanting and beginning to cook!

Rockin' on the deck

This pre-historic THING flew into my hair and made me spill my Fre wine. It wasn't that good anyway, but it made a sticky mess and probably scared the bejeesies out of Little Beansies.

Lisa & Me

Weezies & Feezies


Lisa said...

Awww we are so touched to be "blog worthy", we had such a wonderful time. And boy, do I look pretty in those pics, lol!!!!

Lauren said...

I think we've stayed in those cabins before back in 2005! Small world, huh?

Glad to see you had a great time. It's always so beautiful up there.

Sending your friend Lisa some baby dust! =)

Bryna said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I hope you are out of your junk food induced coma at this point. :) I hear it's hard to break away from the doodles. HA!

Baby and Me said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! Although the bug would have sent me runninG!