Sunday, September 14, 2008


A picture post!

But first a little background on these first set of pics...

After a few weeks of going back and forth on which stroller/infant seat combination was best for us, I walked into the deal of the century (times two) and found myself the new owner of these fabulously adorable and fun Peg Perego Pliko P3 and Primo Viaggio SIP infant seat in Mod Verde. We had picked out the seat in orange to use with a Snap 'n Go, but I couldn't pass up the bargain staring me in the eyes last Monday while killing time before my dentist appt. So here she is! And I managed to find myself an equally great deal on the seat... so Mod Verde it is:)

Let me throw in, also, that I assembled this shiz all by myself and it was not easy! OK, well I suppose it would've been easier if I'd read the directions, but it seemed like it should be pretty simple. Wrong.

The first step in the nursery arrived... the Bed of Roses duvet! I cancelled the other items because I decided I'm going to make the white eyelet crib skirt and the sheets could wait.

The cutest Mary Jane socks sent from Uncle Andy and Aunt Suzanne!

And finally, a couple things not baby related... it's Matt and me, before the disaster of last night's game against USC. We look so happy and hopeful. Hmph.

And the grande finale...


Nine said...

I LOVE your stroller and carseat! I'm very proud of you for putting it together yourself too!

That last picture is also a keeper :)

Bryna said...

I'm so happy for you both that you are having a little girl. (sorry I'm so delayed... I was on a mini-vaca) I LOVE the joys of being a mom to a little girl. I'm sure you will too!!!!