Friday, September 12, 2008


23 weeks

Last Saturday I went to Matt's school with him so he could get some files together for a leadership conference. It was the first time I'd seen his office and was pleasantly surprised by how unintimidating it can be to sit in the Principal's office when you are the Principal's wife:)

As I was skimming his bookshelves and bulletin boards, I noticed a very neatly organized shelf full of "Matt Memorabilia". The items he had on this shelf pretty much tell everything that makes him who he is, right down the fact that they were each precisely placed in juuuust the right spot. He had his high school diploma (probably a good thing to display as a high school principal), his college diploma (bonus!), a little Orrville Red Riders toy car, a picture frame we assembled together with a picture of him and his dad fishing in Canada, the two of us in Lake Tahoe, him and the dog, and one on our wedding day... and propped up against the frame, he had placed an ultrasound picture of his daughter.

I knew better than to make a big deal of it in front of him, so I kept my reaction subtle and hid my goosebumps. Later when I told my mom, we both cried over what a sweet and amazing man he is. My mom might just be Matt's #2 fan, although sometimes she may even take my #1 spot! I am so happy to finally be giving him a child-- his very own family. I am so anxious to see him interact with his little girl, adjust her little socks when they slip off her miniature feet, wrap her in her blanket just the way she likes, worry that she didn't get enough sleep, is still hungry, is afraid of the dog... I am so excited for the days ahead. No amount of morning sickness, back aches, swollen feet, restless nights or adolescent breakouts could make me miss this experience!


Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

Girl. You know I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading this! I can just imagine how you must have felt when you saw the ultrasound picture on his desk -- that is INSANELY sweet, and I am so genuinely happy that God blessed you with such an incredible guy like Matt (and that God blessed Matt with an incredible girl like you!). And your daughter is the luckiest, 'cause she has BOTH of you. :)

PS, you look HAWT in this week's pic, Jenna -- er, I mean, mama! ;)
PPS, Josh sends a big THANK YOU for the MySpace message! :) Yesterday went great!

Justin and Natalie said...

Damn, I hope I looks as adorable as you do what I get to 20-something weeks. And those jeans are fab.

Suzanne said...

First of all, I am in love with your husband. Could we trade for a little while?

Secondly, you look amazing. I'd like to trade bodies with you as well. Maybe I can just BE you? :)