Thursday, September 25, 2008


I could tell you all about my heartburn-induced insomnia from last night that led into me hovering over my office trash can for most of the morning, but instead let's talk belly buttons.

Do all pregnant women end up with a "Turkey's done!" outie or do some make it the entire 10 months whilst maintaining a cute little innie? Not that outies aren't cute. But if mine pops I'll probably be afraid to even look at it. When your belly button has looked exactly the same for decades, and then suddenly pops out like one of those rubber disc toys you get from candy machines, it can shake you up a little... or me. It could shake me up a little. Almost as much as when I was told last year that I had to teach my preschoolers that dinosaurs were, in fact, on Noah's Ark because God made everything, so it's impossible that they lived millions of years ago... it was actually only six thousand years ago. And most were the size of a chicken. Yeah, that threw my world upside down for a few weeks. (By the way, I gracefully avoided all mention of where dinos came from in order to get around this... I'm too baffled to go there right now.)

So, about those belly buttons. I'd be lying if I didn't say that my bb area is beginning to take on a new landscape... one of long (yes, LONG) blonde fuzz and some odd discoloration... not to mention I have recently met the laparascopic scar that until now had been hiding within the depths of my innie. Talk about a surprise! I remember it hurting up in therrr, but I didn't realize the permanent adornment I'd been carrying around all this time.

And thankfully I've yet to see a stretch mark (AMEN!), although remember the spider veins I spoke about back in June? Two new ones. On the left side of my belly. Yeah, belly.

But you know what? I love 'em all. Long, blonde belly hairs, funky discoloration and newly budding spider veins. My daughter gave me those! My first gift from LB. I don't mind them one bit:)

So, for those of you who have any insight on the matter... what's the deal? Do they all pop or do some flop?


Lauren said...

I have a wide, flat belly button normally. To give you a visual (which I'm sure you really want LOL) if you stacked 2 quarters on top of each other, they would perfectly fill it. Lovely, huh? So for me, around 6 or 7 months pregnant with my daughter it just sort of flattened out.

I imagine that if you had a real innie, like you could hide the tip of your finger in it, then it's absolutely possible to have a turkey timer by the time you're through!

Casey said...

Mine just kind of went away! haha It freaked my SIL out. It was perfectly flat, smooth, and dark. Like a round, brown bruise. It was interesting. Never popped, though. My mom said hers didn't pop out either..just went flat and dark. Maybe it's genetic.

Our Life in Pixels said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months now. I found you through bustedbabymaker. When I read this post I had to comment cuz its just too funny what us mommy's worry about. I have an innie and mine just got stretched out with my belly. The top just folded over the belly button a bit. It never popped. I was happy about that too! I guess only time will tell. God bless the rest of your journey!

K-tell said...

Thanks for the comments guys... it's fun to see new readers (and it's good to see you back, lauren!)