Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tomorrow night can't get here fast enough. Matt is out of town attending a conference and I'm here all alone. I would stink at the single life, that's for sure.

And as if it's not crappy enough sleeping alone, my poor dog woke me up at 4:30 this morning throwing up all over the carpet. Ugh. He got some shots yesterday, so that's probably why, but, being that I was the only person home, I got to shampoo the carpet at 4:30am. And guess who thought it was time to wake up and start jazzercizing in my belly? And OH of course it was also thundering and lightening outside. So guess who did NOT want to go outside to finish barfapalooza? Annnd guess who needed a bath first thing after work? Not me.

I'm pooped. I splurged on a pumpkin spice latte this morning, which of course made me 10 minutes late to work and OF COURSE my boss was there 3 hours early and started the day off with a smart remark. Considering she left for 4 hours to go shopping at Sam's Club this morning (and out to lunch with her husband) she really ought to keep her comments to herself. I love her 99% of the time, but today fell into that 1% of crappity crap.

If I could just have my husband back, I think I'd be a friendlier person today.


Ashley said...

Yes I'm a nestie...ashs

K-tell said...

Ahhhh, ok! Thanks for helpin' me out:)

Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

Girl. I am also having an utterly shit-tastic day. Somehow I screwed up (seemingly trivial, but still) things at Beacon AND the library and now I just want to hide under the covers until the week is over. So the shampooing of the carpets at 4AM? And the ten minutes late to work and the snark and the frustration and the EVERYTHING?

I totally understand. I hope you're relaxing and doing something nice for yourself right now. Because if I were there? We'd SO be having a blasty blast. Love you.

Baby and Me said...

Oh no! I know how awful it is to sleep alone once and awhile. I am sorry you are not having a good day. Hope tomorrow is better!