Wednesday, September 24, 2008


25 weeks and feeling beaten and battered from a ridiculously long day of work.

Yesterday my normlly-size-8.5 feet were swollen and strangled by the time I got to work. By the time lunch rolled around, I was practically in tears. I do a lot of walking at school... pretty much all day long. I'm a social critter and would much rather walk down the hall to ask someone a question in person than pick up the phone and stare at the wall while I speak. At some point (like, ohhh, today) this will have to stop, but for now, when I can, I zip all over the place and in the end get to enjoy ice cream whenever I please!

Anyway, by lunch time I'd had it and ventured out for a pair of replacement kicks. I ended up with a pair of size 9 brown mary janes and a similar pair of black Skechers, both of which felt amazing on my pudgy piggies. I thought I'd laughed in the face of pregnancy and was a step ahead of the swelling that was to come. I kicked off my black shoes in the car and slipped into the Skechers (adjustable strap and all) and sighed long and loud.

This morning I got dressed for work, excited that I finally had some comfy brown shoes and a new pair of khakis, thus pretty much doubling my entire wardrobe. But as I attempted to "slip" my tootsies into the shoes... they no longer fit. They fit great in the store 15 hours earlier! Now it felt like I was shoving a 20 pound sausage into a change purse. Not happenin.

With no other options and not much time, I made an emergency stop at Target and found some heavenly ballet flats for $14.99. I bee-lined to the Pharmacy area and picked up a pair of Dr. Scholls inserts (I'm no idiot). As my crippled feet climbed back into the car with just 5 minutes to spare, I took those size 10's out of the box and dove into pure divinity:)


Josh said...

OMG, HL! You poor thing! I cannot imagine the pain you're going through with the swelling and the aches -- and to have your shoe size go up by TWO sizes in 24 hours? Holy moly. I really hope you get some relief from all of this soon -- I know it will all be worth it in the end, but dang, I hate to see you hurting! :(

You look GORGEOUS, by the way! Love you and miss you so much!

Josh said...

OOPS -- it's Andrea, not Josh! He left his Gmail account up on my computer and must have forgot to sign out. BAH!


ANDREA ;) ;)

K-tell said...

LOL, I was wondering, JOSH! Thanks for the pity, girl;) It's a little ridiculous... but like you said, all worth it!

Nine said...

First of all- you are absolutely glowing! You look great!

I'm so sorry about your poor feet though! Thank goodness for target. I've heard horror stories about swollen feet and now I know they're true! I'm already a size 10- what am I going to do??

Wifezzilla said...

Oh no! First of all, you make an adorable pregnant person. Second, this is one of my fears! Why oh why can't mother nature see how important our pretty shoes are?!