Tuesday, September 2, 2008


If you have a minute to pray for Matt, he could use a little encouragement right now. He's feeling completely overwhelmed by his graduate courses, new job, keeping his hormonal wife happy... and most importantly, doing it all well. He doesn't do anything halfway, that is for sure. I know he will succeed and it's just a matter of feeling everything out and finding his groove for the next 3 months. Once he gets through this first semester (and really, these first couple weeks), it will be much smoother sailing, especially since he doubled up on his course load this time around to buy himself some time once the baby is here, which means next semester he'll only be taking one course instead of 2. Plus he'll have his Little Beansies waiting at home to brighten his day:)

He and I both know the power of prayer and sometimes burdens seem so unmanagable that all you can do is hand them over to the Lord and know that He will take care of you. I just want Matt to feel this comfort. Your little prayer will go a long way, I just know it:)

P.S. Belly pic tomorrow. I uploaded the pics we took tonight and I look hideous. I told my boss today that I look like a homeless person, my roots are so bad. But serously... time? There's none of it. I need to go on maternity leave NOW.


Baby and Me said...

Oh I will keep him in my thoughts. He will do great at it all!

Kristi said...

Sending up some prayers for you...keep your chins up. God will see you through!