Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last night I couldn't sleep and Little Beansies was bee bopping something fierce so I got out my camera and took a video of my belly moving and grooving... it is really cute, but kind of strange and a little hard to see because of the angle. Once I get a better video I'll post it. This morning she was doing it again before church as Matt and I were watching TV on the couch. Matt had his head on my lap and I gave him the heads up that she was at it again... can you believe she kicked her daddy in the head?!?!?! Matt looked shocked and amazed... and quite entertained by his little girl's antics:) It's always been hit or miss with him getting to feel kicks with his hand, but this time he got it in the head.

Also, I'm trying to save the bedding pictures from the Land of Nod so I can upload them to share, but I keep getting a black box instead of a picture (in My Pictures). I can save a picture from PBK though, so I wonder if LON has it blocked somehow. Does anyone have suggestions?


Lynda said...

looks like land of nod is a lot of flash stuff thereby not allowing much right clicking and saving.

how about just doing a screen cap and cropping?

there is some cute stuff over there! can't wait till it's my turn!

Ashley said...

I tagged you. Check out my blog for details.