Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This morning while watching TV in bed (this is not a normal weekday morning occurance... Midas had a vet appt. so I got to hang around the house all morning!), I caught a quick poke bulge from my belly, to the right of my belly button. I had felt it, but since I was watching TV, I only saw the poke in my peripheral vision. So I watched it... and watched it... and watched... and there it was again! It was the coolest! But what excited me the most was thinking that maybe those were feet, which would mean the head was down, which would mean we might see something GOOD tomorrow!! I've never felt movement that high before.

But alas, everything has been low for the remainder of the day. Let's just hope that the 4 weeks of growth moved the goodies far enough away from my bladder that we can see them anyway:)

And now I bring you...

the 22 week belly.

On a funny note, people have been commenting like crazy on how big I am for 22 weeks and they always ask where the rest of it will go for the next 18 weeks. I just laugh and shrug because well, how do I know?! But here's the thing...Matt, my 6'3", size 14 shoe wearing hubby was born 6 weeks early. And probably for good reason! He claims he stuck a foot out, stretched his leg and proclaimed "Waaaaazzzuuuppp!!" So maybe it's genetic.


Anonymous said...

Katie, I think you are a glowing Mommy taking care that Beansie has enough room to get those good kicks in. Good luck with the U/S. Can't wait to hear the results

Bryna said...

I don't think you look too big for 22 weeks. Granted, I haven't seen you in person (ever) so I don't truly know... But either way, you look adorable!

*fingers crossed that you get your results*

Baby and Me said...

I think you look right on point for 22 weeks. You hubby sounds like a big guy so the baby is probably going to be nice sized!

Ris and Scott said...

Thanks for all the comments on my blog. :) I can't wait to find out what you are having!!! :) I hope he/she cooperates at your ultrasound!!!

Lynda said...

i don't have any concept of how large you are, i just know you look GREAT! keep it up!