Friday, August 29, 2008


Had a very good doctor's appointment today. Little Beansie's heart was thumping away in the 140's-150's. I know it starts to slow down a little as the baby grows and I think it started in the 160's, and last time was in the 150's, so sounds about right!

The nurse laughed at me for taking my shoes off to get weighed. She said by winter I won't care. I laughed and said "By winter I won't be able to take my shoes off!" You better believe I'm taking advantage of that while I can:)

The exciting news is that we don't have to wait until 24-26 weeks for our next ultrasound. Only 6 more days!!! Thursday at 8am. I have some deal making to do with this little squirt. No more shenanigans when it's time to perform. I'll throw in some doughnuts or a Big Mac if that's what it takes.


Baby and Me said...

I ate pizza before my big ultrasound and that seemed to do the trick. Glad you had a good appoitment!

buckeyebabe99 said...

Yahoo! I can't wait for your u/s. Only 3 more days girlie!

BTW - I love your header.