Saturday, August 9, 2008


It's a....

Mystery baby!!! Our little goober decided it would be a good morning to sit breech, right smack on my bladder so no one could see what s/he's made of. That stinker!

The great news is the ultrasound tech used the word "perfect" several times and showed us the brain, stomach, feet, hands (complete with a wave from baby!), the jaw open and close, umbillical cord (with blood flowing... so neat!), the arm, the LONG legs... and the beautiful heartbeat.

She kindly told us she would include in her report that she did not see a bladder, which is true. However, she saw functioning kidneys, so she knows the bladder is there, but this way our insurance should cover a 3rd ultrasound. Hooray!!

We're to go back between 24 and 26 weeks, which seems like a lifetime away, but she likes to play it safe in case a penis is present. She makes no boy guarentees until she sees testicles, which don't show up until 24-26 weeks.

So wait we will! I'm so happy baby is healthy and going strong! How could I be disappointed knowing that everything is "perfect"? We'll find out one way or another... even if we have to wait until January 7th!


Baby and Me said...

That little stinker, making you wait. Ha! That was so nice of your tech to give you another chance! Ok a few more weeks.

Lynda said...

shucks! but all the other "perfect" news is worth the wait!

what a wonderful appointment!
enjoy your wknd!

Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I got your voicemail while I was at lunch yesterday (thank you!) and seriously went "AWWWWW MAN!" out loud. While I am SO happy that he/she is healthy and perfect and strong, I had to have an "awww" moment with y'all. It's okay, though -- as long as he/she's baking nicely and enjoying the sleeping position, what more can we ask for? Hang in there, mama -- your body is doing amazing things!

PS, I will try to call you SOON! I really mean it! :) Love you!